Do not Lose the Best Talents to your Competition – Employ Top AI Recruiting Software to Stay Ahead

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruiting software in recruitment is increasing. Recruiters are employing AI-powered software for candidate screening, onboarding, monitoring and engaging new hires.

72% of organizations believe that the next 10 years would witness multiple segments of their talent acquisition process employing automation. Powered by AI and Machine Learning (ML), automation in recruitment delivers multiple benefits.

Modern IT recruitment tools are advanced in design and function. SaaS platforms such as X0PA offer automation at every stage of recruitment, from sourcing through onboarding and further candidate engagement.

The best AI recruiting software tools not only automate but also enhance the outcomes of every recruitment operation. So, you reduce the workload on your recruiting team and attract top talents for your company. 

Why Companies are Turning to Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

Automation and smarter hiring advantages offered by AI-based IT recruitment tools offer impressive leverage for employers. With the best recruiting tools, you are better positioned to attract talents that can drive your organization toward success.

So, how does artificial intelligence in recruiting empower your business?

Achieve Unparalleled Process Uptime

Automation eliminates reliance on manual realization of tasks in recruitment. With automation, manual tasks such as screening can be performed faster with increased accuracy and efficiency.

Automation enables your HR department to prevent a loss of as much as 14 hours weekly. This is the time consumed by manual tasks that can be easily automated.

These positive developments eventually lead to a faster hiring process, which reflects well on the company. Such process efficiency also improves candidate experience.

The following statistics emphasize the relevance of candidate experience in hiring process:

·      60% candidates will refuse to go through your application process if it is complicated or time-taking

·      83% of candidates will feel to have experienced a positive hiring process if you communicate the hiring timeline clearly

·      94.9% candidates deem clear communication on follow-up to application, highly valuable

·      75% of people working at their current company said a positive hiring experience contributed to their decision to work for the company

(Statistics Source: Finances Online)

Smart automation offered by IT recruitment tools such as X0PA can help you enhance your candidate experience and derive potential benefits. 

X0PA, in particular, offers an efficient chatbot capability for pre-screening candidates with precision and speed.

With X0PA chatbot, you can:

·      Automate application screening with a FAQ chatbot. The chatbot engages candidates with personalized greeting, gathers candidate resumes and screens them. 

·      Customize screening to collect CVs that offer the best match to the designated role. X0PA chatbot delivers a match based on pre-set questions and pre-designed scoring matrix.

·      Increase candidate engagement with a simple screening process.

In addition, X0PA enables workflow automation using advanced RPA (Robotic Process Automation). RPA streamlines recruitment with improved automation at every stage. Tasks such as interview scheduling, interview workflow, candidate emails, candidate references and even candidate offers, are automated.

As a result, voluminous manual tasks are completed within a span of minutes, saving you enormous waste on workhours and cost.

Prevent Bias in Recruitment

The best AI recruiting software tools are designed to give you maximum objectivity in hiring. 

26% of candidates say that an employer’s viewpoint on diversity, equality and inclusion would influence their decision to accept a job offer. 83% jobseekers opine that a diverse workplace would make them more likely to accept a job offer. (Source: Finances Online)

With candidates expecting increased objectivity in hiring, it becomes crucial for recruiters to address this rising need. With manual methods, achieving objectivity in hiring is difficult. You can increase objectivity with artificial intelligence in recruiting.

Tools such as X0PA employ machine learning (ML), pattern recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for unbiased candidate screening. Other DEI-friendly features such as masked hiring and Model Bias Analysis prevent unconscious bias. The programming model undergoes regular review and retraining for steady adherence to bias prevention.

Hire on Concrete Data Insights, not on Unconscious Bias and Skill Assumptions

AI tools for recruiting offer the most valuable and powerful hiring strategy– candidate evaluation on the basis of hard data. Also referred to as people analytics, data-driven hiring delivers key insights into candidate profiles. These insights aid in better hiring decisions.

Research shows that data-driven insights deliver better quality-of-hire, improved time-to-hire and reduced cost-to-hire.

With 71% of companies prioritizing people analytics, faster adoption of IT recruitment tools lends great competitive leverage.

For hiring managers, use of artificial intelligence in recruiting, delivers valuable insights into the overall process. The insights can be employed to:

·      Identify end-to-end recruitment inefficiencies faster (Know all about end-to-end recruitment here.)

·      Improve workforce planning

·      Gain insights into candidate expectations

·      Design better offers to attract the best talents 

·      Engage candidates with better talent acquisition strategies

·      Monitor talent metrics and analyze competitive performance 

·      Improve retention

·      Predict recruitment trends and plan recruitment strategies accordingly 

Best recruiting tools such as X0PA use predictive analysis, and AI, ML and NLP-powered evaluations, to screen candidates. Intelligent algorithms evaluate candidates on key parameters apart from hard skills.

66% of jobs in the current and future recruitment landscape will demand soft skills. If you have been recruiting for technical skills alone, then your hire may not be a quality hire.

With artificial intelligence recruiting software, you can screen for hard and soft skills with ease, efficiency and speed.

X0PA, for example, evaluates candidates for various soft skills, including communication, problem-solving and collaboration. Advanced algorithms assess candidates for hard-to-gauge attributes such as loyalty and stability.

With X0PA, you can estimate the likelihood of a candidate staying with your company for over a year. You can also gauge the likelihood of a candidate outperforming his/ her peers faster.

Maintain Active Talent Pools

With talent shortage becoming a rising concern for recruiters, creating and maintaining active talent pools is a necessity. 

The best AI recruiting software can be top sourcing tools for recruiters. AI tools help recruiters discover sourcing channels 

they might have missed or ignored (You might be missing these top sourcing channels.). They help you make the most of your internal and external sourcing pools.

Talent pools have been in existence for a long time. The difference now is that savvy recruiters are leveraging their talent pools with the best talent acquisition strategies.

Over a decade earlier, the count of essential job skills an employee lacked for a specific role was at 1.2. The current count is a whopping 18. Given the acute skill shortage, recruiters face an exigency to source the best and skilled talent for success. 

Talent pool maintenance presents an efficient solution for recruiters to meet their sourcing needs. 

Building and maintaining talent pools empower companies with:

·      Sourcing channels that make talent hiring and retention easier

·      Competence for efficient internal hiring. Internal employees with the required skillset are a great asset as they form quality hire. As they are already familiar with your culture, interviewing and onboarding them are easier.

·      Ability to transform recruitment process. With talent pools, hiring is faster, cost-saving and better. 

Active candidate engagement at every level of recruitment is key to maintaining agile talent pools. IT recruitment tools offer the best channels for such holistic engagement.

X0PA AI Recruiter, for instance, empowers recruiters with simple tools that redefine candidate experience through hiring and recruitment. (Want to know the difference between recruitment and hiring? This article can help.)

With automation and smart analytics, X0PA ensures you are delivering a positive candidate experience. With positive candidate experiences emerging as key talent attraction factors, investing in technologies like X0PA delivers a great payoff.

X0PA emphasizes candidate experience by:

·      Including diverse talent pools

·      Simplifying complex career fairs and voluminous hiring for recruiters and candidates 

·      Screening the best talents with maximum objectivity through AI-powered tools

·      Offering candidates greater visibility into hiring with extensive workflow automation

·      Maximizing objectivity and DEI in hiring

·      Elevating candidate engagement through intuitive chatbot

·      Providing omni-channel communication through WhatsApp, email, phone and SMS, all manageable through a single platform

·      Enabling recruitment scaling on demand

Accelerate the Momentum of your Employer Branding 

Companies with strong employer branding can attract 50% more eligible applicants. As employer branding becomes a key competitive leverage, recruiters have more reasons to revamp their branding strategies.

AI tools for recruiting offer ample opportunities to boost your employer branding. New gen IT recruitment tools such as X0PA contribute to your employer branding strategy by transforming candidates’ hiring experience.

From enabling personalized omni-channel candidate communication to maintaining corporate branding through the recruitment stack, X0PA supercharges your brand.

50% jobseekers will not work for a company with a poor employer brand reputation. These candidates will not work even if they are offered high salaries.

Do not be left behind for want of talent. Take the first major step toward mobilizing your employer branding with the best recruiting tools.

The Top AI Recruiting Software for your Business

With use of AI tools in recruiting gaining ground, the recruitment market is witnessing a slew of applications in the domain. So, how do you choose the best?

Differentiating the mediocre from the best IT recruitment tools can be hard, but we aim to make the task easier for you. Given here are the best AI recruiting software tools that guarantee an improved hiring process.


Comprehensive candidate data insights and human-machine collaboration ability are highlights of TurboHire. This Applicant Tracking System enables you to manage your entire recruitment with intelligent inputs and management at every stage.

Some key features of TurboHire include:

·      Smart filters to screen relevant matches from a pool of candidates

·      Intelligent use of human-machine skills to screen resumes and match candidates with the best match

·      Convenient smart cards in place of resumes to make candidate evaluation easier for recruiters

·      Inbuilt interviewing tools enable automated interview scheduling and facilitate seamless candidate-recruiter interactions

·      Ability to bring multiple hiring team members on board fast, facilitating greater collaboration

·      Availability of candidate evaluation reports during video interviews, allowing for a bigger picture view of the candidate


A web-based recruitment software, ZohoRecruit offers comprehensive features needed to make your recruitment simpler and thorough. 

Some salient features of the AI software include:

·      Recruitment CRM captures all relevant candidate information from diverse sourcing platforms 

·      AI algorithms screen candidates for categorized pre-set parameters

·      Automated process workflows

·      An intuitive platform interface

·      Access to free and premium sourcing channels

·      Advanced analytics


SeekOut focuses on delivering outstanding talent acquisition results with its 360-degree insight into candidates. SeekOut talent profiles include an organization’s internal and external pools.

Some significant features of this top AI recruiting software tool include:

·      Access to diverse talents from hundreds of talent pools. Gives you the complete picture of candidates.

·      Enables you to conduct powerful AI/ ML search to identify top talents faster. 

·      Facilitates DEI by giving you access to diverse talent pools.

·      Automated drip campaigns, verified contact information feature and customized content for candidate engagement 

·      Security clearance verification capabilities

·      Gives you a consolidated view of disparate data of talents within your organization. You can analyze talents, nurture them and redeploy them for on-demand roles.


Fetcher guarantees fetching top and diverse talent by increasing your candidate outreach and delivering customized profiles rather than generalized databases. Fetcher helps you transform your sourcing, candidate engagement and data analytics process.

Some notable features of Fetcher include:

·      A highly customized list of candidates for a given role. Recruiters can set their search preferences and Fetcher’s algorithm fetches suitable profiles on the web. The list is customized by Fetcher’s sourcing team for ideal fitment. Output is delivered in the form of curated batches of candidate profiles.

·      Create a candidate outreach program and automate the process for scheduled and regular engagement with candidates. This feature aims to increase the speed and extent of your candidate reach.

·      Complete insights into your sourcing and outreach process from day one. Analytics include candidate headcount at every stage of hiring, insights into email impact metrics, and team performance indicators.

Fetcher also offers demographic and gender insights to analyze your diversity strategy.


Available in a tiered-pricing plan, Manatal aims to transform your entire recruitment process. The AI recruitment software packs in features that make hiring easier, simpler and vastly effective. Automation is applied to free recruiters from manual tasks.

From facilitating extensive sourcing to delivering reports & analytics, Manatal enables you to drive your end-to-end recruitment with ease.

Some key features of this artificial intelligence recruiting software include:

·      Creates a vast sourcing landscape comprising 2, 500 + channels. These channels comprise free and premium platforms, including local, global and customized native additions. You can manage your entire sourcing from one platform.

·      Employs AI-powered screening to discover the best fitment for a given role. The Manata AI Engine screens candidates on job criteria. You can also achieve deeper insights into candidate profiles with data from their LinkedIn and social media profiles. 

·      Enables easy recruitment management with a simple drag-and-drop platform. A single-board view keeps you apprised about your recruitment progress. You will not lose workhours on learning the platform landscape. 

·      Offers seamless communication across phones, tablets and computers.

·      Supports branding with customized career pages. Setting up these pages does not require any development expertise.

·      Allows for monitoring of candidate experience through recruitment and beyond.


Skillate employs AI to automate hiring, improve candidate experience, and deliver detailed data dashboards.

Some vital features of the platform include:

·      Resume Parser to extract simple-to-complex resume information

·      Automated resume matching

·      AI chatbot screening

·      Automated interview scheduler

·      AI-powered JD-writing assistant

·      Comprehensive recruitment analytics 


Paradox is a recruitment software available for professional and hourly use. It works by automating manual tasks, and handling screening, scheduling and onboarding.

Features that make Paradox a top AI recruiting software include: 

·      Experience Assistant that instantly matches jobs and candidates based on several parameters in candidate conversations.

·      Text-to-apply feature to reduce time taken to apply for a role

·      Big 5 Assessment to evaluate candidates on non-resume skills

·      Automated interview scheduling and reminders

·      Candidate engagement through 24/ 7 communication in candidate-preferred language

·      Automated onboarding guidance


A SaaS platform that offers end-to-end recruitment solutions, X0PA earns its space among the top AI recruiting software. From sourcing through screening and workflow automations, this artificial intelligence recruiting software helps you automate key recruitment tasks.

X0PA aims to maximize objectivity in hiring and save significant hiring time and cost. Some significant features of X0PA include:

·      A large-scale sourcing channel, comprising popular job boards and open-sourced platforms. Single-click methodology gives you massive visibility on multiple platforms.

·      AI-powered screening that employs Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to discover the best job-fit. In addition to standard parameters, complex aspects such as candidate’ on-the-job stability and speed of career advancement are assessed.

·      Candidate Rediscovery helps maintain talent pools through skill taxonomy and post-hiring candidate engagement.

·      Workflow Automations automate manual recruitment tasks such as interview scheduling, and candidate email, reference and offer management.

·      Smart Chatbot to parse resumes, pre-screen candidates and engage candidates at every step of recruitment and beyond.

·      Seamless employer branding throughout recruitment and beyond.

·      Automated onboarding tasks

·      Masked Hiring to support DEI in hiring 

·      X0PA Room for asynchronous video interviews, and microsite and virtual career management

·      Omni-channel communication comprising WhatsApp, email, SMS and phone calls, all from a single platform

·      Data insights involving intuitive dashboards, easy data exports and custom reports

·      CV monitoring, deduplication and analytics capabilities for convenient vendor management

·      AI-powered scoring, internal job site, and custom brand for internal hiring

Know more about the positive impact of X0PA on your business.


Top AI recruiting software empowers you with insights to boost your hiring process, and hire and retain the best talents.

AI recruiting tools empower recruiters to widen their sourcing sphere and increase their hiring potential. The best AI tools do not work toward replacing, but toward reducing, human intervention in recruitment.

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