Crossing the Hiring Challenge with X0PA ROOM

Today, HR managers and recruiters are expected to fill openings faster, find reliable and strong candidates, and make sure biases don’t play any part in the recruiting process. Making objective decisions on hiring can become a challenge sometimes as human beings are influenced by unconscious biases and their social conditioning. Given that workplaces need to be diverse and inclusive to drive profitability, ensuring that the entire hiring process is agile, fast, and free of all biases becomes critical to make the right hiring decisions.

With the pandemic fading out, organizations across the globe are looking to hire new employees. However, with events such as the Great Resignation making headlines, it becomes clear that hiring right is more essential than ever before.

Just like technology applications are solving challenges and making life and work easier and more seamless, they come to the rescue here as well. Technologies such as AI can augment the hiring process and add speed and agility to it. It can also reduce the time to hire and the cost of hiring significantly.

Addressing the need to improve hiring outcomes is one of our latest offerings, XOPA ROOM. XOPA ROOM adds tremendous hiring bandwidth by enabling recruiters and hiring managers to seamlessly invite and pre-screen candidates at scale for video and text-based assessments.

Some of the hiring changes that XOPA ROOM solves are as follows:

Tap into a large candidate pool

The larger the number of the profile, the wider the hiring net can be cast. XOPA ROOM helps organizations tap into a larger candidate pool and source a large number of profiles from open-source platforms. All these profiles can then be evaluated and assessed using data-backed evaluation methods.

XOPA ROOM allows hiring managers to conduct mass screenings based on user-defined multiple-choice questionnaires. These rank and filter candidates based on user-defined cut-off criteria. 

The virtual interview software employs autoscoring tools that make it easier to objectively identify the best candidate from a large pool. Even internal candidates can be evaluated without bias and ranked against open scores giving them opportunities for career progression.

These assessments can be conducted via text, multiple-choice, video, or hybrid questions and give interviews the insights they need to make the best, data-backed hiring decisions based on technical and soft skills.

Flexibility without compromising uniformity

Today’s hybrid work environment demands greater access to a wider talent pool while having the flexibility to have reliable virtual hiring processes. Virtual hybrid assessments as enabled by XOPA ROOM make the hiring process simple, streamlined and optimized to suit the new world of work.

With XOPA ROOM, you can add multiple reviewers to the hiring teams to increase the evaluation footprint. Organizations also do not omit uniformity, and in fact, embrace it with this. Our solution employs a uniform grading system for assessing candidates. Candidates can be assessed employing a mix of written, audio, video, pre-recorded and video, or hybrid questions. The tool also allows the setting of time limits to responses to ensure fairness and authenticity of answers. You can also give candidates the option to retake the video responses.

The Automated scoring, rankings, and pass/fail feature adds tremendous bandwidth to hiring teams and also gives them greater confidence in the interviewee pipeline, and makes the hiring process more refined, reliable, and robust.

Scale hiring

XOPA ROOM gives companies the power to conduct AI-enabled interviews and assessments on-demand. With this comes the capacity to scale the hiring process to close positions faster with strong candidates.

XOPA ROOM allows organizations to share question banks across teams to make sure that the questions are relevant, contextual, in-depth, and tailored to their requirements. It also supports 72 languages. The organization gets to scale its hiring initiatives more seamlessly and effortlessly, as XOPA ROOM allows bulk import and assessment of candidates at once.

Candidate authenticity and privacy

The value of privacy is only increasing as data becomes an important commodity. It also becomes essential to ensure the authenticity of the candidates while conducting virtual interviews and when casting a wider talent net.

XOPA ROOM helps organizations navigate these challenges with ease. Candidates can get started with the assessments at the click of a button and do not need to download any prior software or application. They get a one-time password log-in to take the assessments. The tool has proctoring and anti-cheating capabilities that make sure that the authenticity and integrity of the test are never compromised, and the results are completely reliable.

Enhance candidate experience

Delivering elevated candidate experiences is an organizational prerogative to attract the right candidate. As talent takes the driver’s seat, organizations want to make sure that they can deliver elevated candidate experiences from the earliest possible touchpoint. This means that candidate experience begins from the time of the interview process.

XOPA ROOM makes the interview process so streamlined and transparent that it feeds into the candidate experience. It builds employer branding and displays commitment towards delivering elevated and unbiased experiences.

The tool employs Robotic Process Automation to speed up and remove manual work adding tremendous velocity to hiring. The tool mimics the human recruiter through AI and augments it with human intervention which drives optimal hiring results while keeping the candidate engaged throughout the process.

XOPA ROOM helps organizations make the hiring process more inclusive and diverse by divesting unconscious biases and social influences. AI-Enabled Analytics, Emotion and Sentiment Content Analytics, and a user-friendly content dashboard make the hiring and interview process fairer, more human, and more efficient. The tool helps in reducing bias by 80% and helps hiring teams make decisions based on Big Data-based scientific approaches rather than by gut feel.
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