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The objective of any recruitment process is to attract the best talents and hire them for the progress of the company. But

with talent shortage more intense than before, recruiters are facing their hardest challenge of attracting and retaining top talents.

What if we said your recruitment process itself has a lot to do with attracting and retaining your talents?

Yes, candidate experience and employer branding are two major factors driving the current recruitment trend. As a recruiter, you have the onus of ensuring a great experience for candidates. This responsibility starts the instant candidates send an application to your company for an existing or future role.

Did you know 75% employees working in an organization are there because of their positive experience during hiring. This experience was a key factor in encouraging them to accept a job offer with the company. 50% of candidates turned down a job offer following a poor candidate experience.

A candidate experience is how you treat, and behave with, candidates during hiring and even after the process. But employer branding is one of the major factors that draws candidates to your hiring process in the first place.

More than 75% candidates find out about the company before sending an application. 50% candidates admitted that they would refuse working with a company with a negative reputation. They would refuse a job opportunity even if they were offered a higher pay.

Clearly, employer branding and candidate experience decide whether or not you are going to attract talents and keep them.

Modern recruitment technology offers the best ways for recruiters of today to transform their hiring process and candidate journey. The modern recruiter is not a technology-fearing, but a technology-embracing professional.

More recruiters believe that smarter technologies enhance the way they work, which is paving way for more technology in recruitment. Automation, AI-powered hiring, social recruiting and technology-backed candidate assessment, are leading the way.

But selecting the right technology can be hard. Here, we present three leading technologies in the recruitment sphere. If you are considering upgrading your technology, you may want to check how these applications fare.  

CEIPAL Vs Bullhorn Vs X0PA

Ceipal VS Jobdiva VS X0PA


(Source: JobDiva Website)

(Source: X0PA Website)


CEIPAL offers a single solution for two major company operations – talent acquisition and employee management. From sourcing talent to managing hiring and onboarding, CEIPAL makes hiring it simpler for you.

CEIPAL goes beyond to help you with workforce management. CEIPAL employs technologies such as automation and AI to improve all aspects of hiring and workforce management.


A SaaS-modelled ATS, JobDiva aims to meet the needs of recruiters and other stakeholders that contribute to a successful hiring process. This cloud-based solution packs in features for easy and effective applicant tracking and candidate management.

JobDiva serves as a single platform for recruiters, candidates, clients, onboarding staff and other professionals working behind-the-scenes. Together, you can realize a collaborative hiring experience with JobDiva. 

Advantages of CEIPAL

CEIPAL offers comprehensive features to manage recruitment at its every stage. Whether you are sourcing, screening or assessing candidates, CEIPAL enables you to add more value to every layer of recruitment.

Once you have the best talents, CEIPAL helps you keep them with its workforce management. From managing employee information and timesheets to monitoring their performance, compliance and immigration, CEIPAL streamlines all workforce operations. 

Key Features of CEIPAL

  • A cloud-based deployment
  • AI-powered sourcing
  • Extensive candidate data curation from multiple public forums
  • Automatic candidate profile generation
  • Scientific analyses and cognitive models to reduce human bias
  • Managed Resume Harvesting for automated candidate sourcing
  • Built-in SMS for customized candidate outreach
  • Social media integrations
  • Responsive outreach workflows
  • TextToHire for live communication with candidates
  • Brand-customized career page
  • Personalized onboarding carrying company brand logo
  • Recruitment CRM
  • Fully-integrated HRIS for workforce management

AI-Based Candidate Sourcing

CEIPAL’s candidate sourcing guarantees more than 70% increase in your current sourcing output. AI-powered algorithms bring relevant candidate profiles to your CEIPAL dashboard. Candidate details are curated from multiple public platforms including LinkedIn and Google.

The AI uses a ranking system to capture the most qualified candidates. Automatic profile generation for shortlisted candidates ensures faster progress on the hiring chain.

CEIPAL offers a Managed Resume Harvesting feature that keeps sourcing candidates automatically according to set preferences. This AI-powered feature ensures that your talent database is updated with new resumes even if you are not physically present.

Bias Reduction with Data-Driven Assessments

CEIPAL guarantees human bias reduction in recruitment by 80%. CEIPAL’s automated candidate assessment removes any bias based on gender, race, age and ethnicity.

Candidates are matched on technical qualifications as well as their culture match, working style, learning attributes and more. A scientific approach to candidate data analysis reduces human bias while improving hire quality. 

Rapid-Fast Candidate Assessments

CEIPAL’s AI-driven candidate matching and ranking brings down the time taken for screening to just a few seconds per candidate. This rapid-fast, objective and quality assessment, ensures cost and time-saving in the hiring pipeline.

Candidates from a range of sourcing pools, including company-specific talent space, job boards and relevant applicant pool, are assessed. Assessment parameters are wide in limit, including skillsets, domain experience, employment history and role. 

Great Scope for Customization

CEIPAL offers recruiters the ability to customize their selection and hiring priorities. You can pre-define these preferences and obtain only qualified results.

This ability for customization facilitates better collaboration between teams. Imagine receiving a last-minute change in selection criteria from the hiring manager. Simply modify relevant settings to filter resumes. No need to repeat the entire screening process!

Automated Candidate Outreach

You can ensure that your talent outreach programmes are always active with CEIPAL’s automated outreach capability. Use tools from this selection to automate your outreach tasks that are manual or repetitive.

A Personalized Onboarding Portal

Every new hire is onboarded with an experience tailored to them. You can implement effective employer branding with personalized messages, guiding resources and videos.

Branded Career Portal

CEIPAL offers a completely branded career portal that integrates seamlessly with the ATS. The career portal is user-friendly and highlights your brand for a positive candidate experience.

Recruitment CRM

CEIPAL is the only ATS in the industry offering a CRM customized to the recruitment domain. It is also the industry’s only solution that is fully-native. With CEIPAL’s staffing-exclusive CRM, you can engage candidates with automated workflows.

You can monitor candidate interactions, track progress and share information across teams.

Workforce Management

From managing employee information to tracking their timesheets and performance, and managing compliance and immigration, you can do it all on a single CEIPAL platform.

CEIPAL Pricing

CEIPAL offers its hiring and workforce management solution each separately as a standalone, or as a combination package. The pricing structure is transparent and accessible on its website. You can even try CEIPAL for free before committing to the product. 

Disadvantages of CEIPAL

CEIPAL offers excellent value for recruiters and companies looking to streamline their hiring and workforce management. But there are areas that can be improved for greater solution performance.

Need for Better Tech Upgrade

Users have raised complains about the platform crashing frequently, which can ruin customer experience and lead to downtime. The platform can upgrade to a better maintenance plan that prevents downtime for customers.

Room for More User-Friendliness

CEIPAL is great with its customization and brand-aligned platform design. But the solution can be more efficient if it is more user-friendly. For example, the loading time of the platform needs major improvement. The interface too can be more user-friendly.  

Could be More Flexible

Access permission settings could be more flexible to allow more authorized members to log in to the platform. More features would facilitate better candidate/ workforce profile management. For example, a functionality to manage profiles with the same names easily, would be great.

Is CEIPAL Right for You?

CEIPAL scores high on candidate experience and employer branding, two key factors impacting talent attraction and retention. It is a simple solution that can address the needs of growing companies and established enterprises.

CEIPAL is best if you are mid-sized company or a large enterprise with complex recruiting needs. It is also a tailored solution for staffing agencies and recruiting service providers.

If you are looking for a CEIPAL alternative, then you could try X0PA. An end-to-end recruitment software, X0PA combines smart automation with data-driven results, which redefines hiring and candidate experience. Other CEIPAL competitors include Recruitee, ClearCompany and JobDiva.

Advantages of JobDiva

JobDiva’s core advantage resides in its simplicity as a platform and its efficiency in streamlining your entire recruitment process. Given below is JobDiva recruiting software review, seeing the solution through its features.

Features of JobDiva 

  • SaaS platform
  • Seamless ATS/ CRM/ VMS integration
  • Resume search engine
  • Patented search technology for talent search
  • Access to national job boards for sourcing
  • Data security
  • Customer support through training, live technical support and webinars
  • Support for multiple browsers and platforms
  • Mobile-compatible ATS
  • On-site technical training

Cloud-Model Prevents Service Availability and Maintenance Hassles

As a SaaS platform, JobDiva offers the convenience of plug-and-play use. There is no need for hardware components or entire software systems to rely on, for operation. Maintenance is also minimal as elaborate systems are not involved. The service is available on-demand, instantly. This deployment model saves you cost and resources.

As a cloud model, JobDiva houses your solution and data in the cloud. As a result, the solution and data are available anytime anywhere. You can work while on the go with a mobile app, or on a computer at your desk. JobDiva makes working convenient if you are managing a remote team.

Smart Automation Reduces Recruitment Workload and Delivers Better Outcomes

JobDiva makes recruitment less stressful by automating manual and repetitive tasks. The hiring pipeline has less congestion, as a result, from delays due to manual errors and inaccuracies.

An AI-powered algorithm enables you to discover skilled talents faster. This advanced search facility is well-integrated with back-office functions, which ensures that talents are drawn faster into the hiring pipeline. There is no risk of missing talents due to a slow process.

JobDiva connects recruitment with other operations including sales, management and back-office, seamlessly. Automated into a single workflow, these interconnected components work together, facilitating ace collaboration and decision-making.

The speed and efficiency achieved at every stage of recruitment enhances recruiter efficiency while improving candidate experience. An automated on-boarding extends the positive candidate experience.

Mobile ATS for Upgraded Convenience

The mobile platform gives users access to candidate management tools to help them stay connected on the go. Users can keep the flow of candidate communication and engagement continuous.

JobDiva easily integrates with other candidate-centric apps. You can use these relevant apps with JobDiva for heightened candidate management. These apps facilitate better job visibility and ease of application, for candidates. They make tasks such as new hire on-boarding and timesheet management easier for recruiters.

Communication, collaboration and engagement are all easy and better with JobDiva, which leads to better candidate experience.

Strong Data Security

JobDiva excels at cloud data security. The platform goes beyond just saving your data. You can easily create and manage multiple data segments for better organization. Monitor data metrics separately, by these segments.

Resumes you gain access to, through JobDiva subscriptions, are held private to you. Any data shared by you with respect to these resumes, such as comments or notes, remain strictly confidential.

You can create and control data permissions and access. You can improve data security with regular security assessments provided by JobDiva.

Leave it to JobDiva to manage and recover data. The team manages disaster recovery, relieving you from the hassles of data maintenance.

Responsive and Reliable Technical Support

The technical support offered by JobDiva is wonderfully comprehensive. There is an onsite training from experts. Ongoing training is available for free.

There is a content-rich Help section with function explanations, practice guides, tips and How-To explanations. There is a Priority Topic section that offers guidance on essential topics. You can search for required topics using a phrase or the topic name.

Upgrades to technical support are available without any additional fee requirement.

JobDiva Pricing

JobDiva pricing is customized to client requirements. The service provider offers a customer-specific pricing structure depending on their recruitment needs.

Disadvantages of Jobdiva

JobDiva excels in many areas. From automating key tasks of recruitment to bringing multiple associated operations to a single dashboard, JobDiva delivers fantastic results. But a few gaps hamper the user experience.

Functionality Lows

The platform could be more refined with its functionalities. For example, the platform goes down when there are software version updates. This can be debilitating when there are aggressive targets to meet.

Some glitches are inherent and need to be rectified. The mail merge functionality, for example, is slow to respond and goes down sometimes. This necessitates a repeat process, which is time-consuming. Also, the platform goes down when there are multiple users logging in simultaneously.

User Experience Gaps

Some improvements can elevate user experience. For example, tracking the last communication with a candidate requires multiple clicks, which can be reduced. The user interface reduces task efficiency with its many icons and search options. The interface, with its many visual elements, is frustrating on the user’s eye.

Performance Issues

The system slows down when resumes are uploaded in bulk. The system logs out users quickly when users want to explore other portals. The system slows down when multiple tabs are opened. Also, JobDiva could do with more job board integrations. 

Is JobDiva Right for You?

JobDiva is a leading ATS trusted by many companies for their recruiting needs. With its comprehensive operation integration, JobDiva is ideal for organizations with heavy or aggressive talent acquisition needs.

Consider JobDiva if you are a fast-growing start-up with aggressive team-expansion goals, a mid-size company looking to upgrade your recruitment, or an enterprise with a full-fledged talent acquisition strategy.

If you are interested in a JobDiva alternative, then you may want to try X0PA before making a decision. X0PA delivers maximum objectivity in recruitment, automates key workflows throughout the process, and ensures the best fitment using preditive analysis.

CEIPAL aside, you can try JobDiva competitors such as PCRecruiter and AkkenCloud.

Enhance, Streamline, and Reinvent your Recruitment with X0PA

X0PA is an end-to-end recruitment software solution. Eliminating human bias, even unconscious, from hiring, forms the foundation of X0PA.

By fulfilling this basic need, X0PA enables candidates to exercise their right to an unbiased hiring process. This enhancement of the process, in itself, contributes to a positive candidate experience. There is perhaps no greater way to strengthen your employer branding than by gaining a recognition as a fair employer.

As they say, the devil is in the details, and X0PA helps you overcome the ills and perils of your process. With X0PA, you can create a stellar recruitment process, from sourcing through hiring and further candidate engagement.

How does X0PA Transform?

While on the surface, X0PA may seem as a recruitment software, the SaaS platform exceeds boundaries set by traditional tech in this segment. On the strength of its ever-evolving and ever-expanding capabilities, X0PA delivers a common and more meaningful platform for employers and candidates.

The platform enables these stakeholders to discover each other and fulfil a mutual need and go beyond, to achieve a common vision. With X0PA, it is easier to hire and get hired, connect, communicate, engage and build relationships.

Redefine Hiring

In a traditional hiring setup, focus in on attracting talent and hiring the best of them. Though this approach seems perfect on the surface, it often fails due to two major drawbacks. Hiring managers end up either hiring too much or hiring way too accurately.

A talent that is a perfect fit for the role technically may end up failing to fit in culturally with the environment. Targeting candidate selection on highly generic terms leads to a voluminous pile, sorting which is time-, money- and resource-consuming.

There is also the major drawback of human bias, which can cause you to miss truly talented candidates.

With X0PA, you can overcome the drawbacks of conventional methods of hiring. X0PA leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to eliminate human bias, and reduce time and cost of hiring. 

Did you know that X0PA can reduce time of hiring by 87% and cost of hiring by 50%?

Make the Best Hiring Decisions, Quicker 

X0PA enables hiring managers to make the best hiring decisions with swiftness, not haste. To be swifter, your hiring process needs to be agile so that you do not lose the best talents to your competitors. 

X0PA empowers each phase of recruitment with elements that contribute to unbiased and efficient outcomes. Each phase of the hiring process is faster and more transparent, and the outcomes, objective and reliable. These developments make decision-making easier, quick and efficient.

X0PA uses patented AI and ML algorithms to source, rank and screen candidates. The solution employs smarter 

automation, which prevents delay and lag, at every phase.

X0PA empowers your hiring process with other capabilities that facilitate a thorough and quicker hiring process:

  • Widen your talent pool to include over a 100M candidate profiles as well as internal candidates and dedicated talent pools
  • Achieve accurate applicant screening based on job and skill relevance, not on feeble keyword matching techniques
  • Rely on process automation to eliminate manual intervention and manual tasks, and speed up the results
  • Make hiring more streamlined and transparent through X0PA’a AI and automation features
  • Strengthen your diversity and inclusion strategies by infusing objectivity into your hiring process
  • Deliver a human touch to the entire hiring process with AI-empowered human-mimicking recruiter solution

Take Results Beyond Just a Good Hire 

X0PA enables you to make an awesome hire, each time every time. But the solution delivers more than a good hire:

  • Empower your hiring decisions with X0PA’s predictive analysis. Evaluate candidates for present needs as well as future performance. X0PA enables you to assess candidate performance and attrition rate, for more prudent decision-making
  • Extensive automation that strengthens existing process while allowing you to build and nurture a strong talent pool for future needs
  • Judicious use of Robotic Process Automation, data analytics, AI, ML and language processing, to scale your recruitment as your business grows
  • Use of reliable and ethical AI that self-learns and evolves to address changing needs

X0PA is the way forward for proactive recruiters that believe in the power of AI in expanding their potential. Built to address the dynamic needs of recruitment, X0PA caters to diverse industry needs.

Large corporations with dedicated talent acquisition teams, and startups and medium businesses with aggressive talent scaling needs, benefit from X0PA.

Small businesses looking to absorb the best talents find a reliable solution in X0PA. Universities and educational institutions offering higher learning, can employ X0PA to boost their placement and scholarship programs.

Want to discover more about X0PA? Schedule a demo now.


With employer branding and candidate experience becoming key to talent attraction, consider choosing technologies that deliver on these priorities. With the best technologies, you get the bets talents essential to lead your organization in a highly competitive space.

Author Bio

Marlin Wilson is no new to recruitment technology. She has led several large-scale recruiting projects for companies across geographies in the course of her job as a recruiter. She believes ATS and recruitment technologies make a positive difference for candidates and companies.

Her passion for useful technologies led her to create her own content space for educating audiences on the pros and cons of such inclusion. Her product reviews are in-depth and enable audiences derive actionable insights.

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