CEIPAL Vs Bullhorn Vs X0PA

Considering a new software that can reduce your HR team’s workload? Or, looking for an ATS that can make hiring simpler? Whatever your requirement is, we aim to make your decision-making process easier with this CEIPAL Vs Bullhorn Vs X0PA comparison.


Study shows that there will be over 85 million vacant jobs by 2030. The reason would be a shortage of talent to take up these positions. Talent shortage is a harsh reality faced by organizations and recruiters. So, how can stakeholders empower themselves to be better prepared to face talent-shortage-based eventualities?

Businesses and recruiters are more forward-looking than before. There is a shift in the perspective toward hiring. While hiring was reactive – a response to a vacancy – earlier, the process is more proactive now. Stakeholders are equipping themselves with strategies that can position them to advantage in facing talent-based challenges.

Aligning with technologies that make recruitment simpler, faster and efficient, is a strategy that more recruiters are adopting. Reliable technologies are redefining hiring.

Hiring no more ends with absorption of a qualified candidate into your work pool. Recruitment goes beyond selection, to engage unabsorbed candidates and building a talent pool. This talent pool empowers stakeholders to attract talents on the strength of their employer branding and retain them as well.

70% of employees worldwide are only passive jobseekers, and a significant proportion of this demography is open to career opportunities. Recruiters and businesses have a valuable opportunity to maintain their talent pools to fall back on, during tough times.

A well-designed recruitment technology can be a leverage that helps you reach talents faster than your competitors. The good news is that comprehensive technologies do not stop with easing your hiring.

Data-driven hiring, workplace diversity and candidate experience are key recruitment trends. These trends have gained prominence because of their significance to recruiters and candidates.

Reliable recruitment technologies can empower you with resources to achieve these recruitment objectives too.

Given here are two such leading recruitment technologies currently being used by many businesses. If you are considering a recruitment software, then this CEIPAL Vs Bullhorn Vs X0PA review and comparison of features can be a guiding resource.  CEIPAL VS JobDiva VS X0PA

CEIPAL Vs Bullhorn Vs X0PA

(Source: CEIPAL Website)

(Source: Bullhorn Website)

(Source: X0PA Website)


CEIPAL is an AI-powered recruitment software that adds extra value to all recruitment activities. From expanding your sourcing database to onboarding your new hires with a better process, CEIPAL manages hiring and candidate management.

CEIPAL helps you attract passive and active jobseekers and convert them into talent sources for your current and future needs.


Bullhorn impresses with features that extend beyond the standard ATS. From streamlining hiring and candidate relationships to faster placements, Bullhorn has a benefit for every stakeholder.

Automation is a key advantage of Bullhorn. From communications to workflows, key activities can be automated for increased efficiency. With automation contributing to 14 gained hours for your HR team, Bullhorn is a solution you may want to consider. 

Advantages of CEIPAL

CEIPAL offers a 360-degree solution to manage all your recruitment needs. It has well-designed features for recruitment marketing, sourcing and ranking candidates, and leveraging prospective talents. If you are looking for a feature-packed Bullhorn alternative, then CEIPAL fits the bill.

Here is a look at CEIPAL pricing, features and the pros and cons, of the solution.

CEIPAL features at a glance

  • Single-click job postings
  • Relevant search integrations for wider sourcing
  • Email Validator for 90% email delivery rate
  • TextToHire built-in SMS
  • Managed Resume Harvesting for automatic profile screening
  • Branded career portal
  • AI-powered candidate screening
  • Extensive integration support for flexible interview scheduling
  • Consolidated Placement Module
  • eBoarding portal for easy and paperless onboarding
  • Customized reports

Job Marketing Benefits

With CEIPAL, you can reduce your costs on, or totally do away with, external job advertising. The system has powerful job marketing features, which enable you to position your jobs amidst your target audience faster. A faster process means greater chances of not losing valuable talents to competitors.

CEIPAL makes gaining visibility easy and rapid-fast with its single-click job postings. One click is enough to post your job on multiple job boards and social media. No worry about being lost in spam folders as CEIPAL guarantees 90% email delivery rate.   

CEIPAL also has a built-in TextToHire SMS to make job marketing more value-adding.

With CEIPAL, you get a career portal customized to your brand. Candidates can view your job postings on this customized page while getting familiar with your brand.

AI-Backed Analytics for Candidate Screening

CEIPAL screens candidates using powerful AI analytics drawn on not only candidate skills and experience but also personality. With a comprehensive profile, you are better-equipped to analyze candidates and hire only the most qualified talents. You can use CEIPAL’s candidate screening for both internal and external hiring.

CEIPAL offers a convenient Managed Resume Harvesting feature, which searches and screens relevant candidates automatically. Selected profiles are stored in an internal protected database. The recruiter can specify the automation schedule while using the gained time to fast-forward hiring pipeline.

Scheduling Features for A Slick Hiring Pipeline

CEIPAL allows for convenient interviewing for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates. You can schedule a video interview, or conduct interviews over phone, or employ any other communication gateway.

With calendar sync and automated alerts, you can ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page.

Consolidated Information for Easier Placement Decisions

CEIPAL delivers all data required to make placement decisions to a single dashboard. Get all candidate information, from past interactions and communications to current assessments, for a focused single-location view.

Comprehensive, Customized and Centralized Onboarding

CEIPAL’s eBoarding portal manages your entire new hire onboarding. It offers a centralized location for recruiters to guide new hires through entire onboarding.

The eBoarding portal has fully customizable forms. New hires can access relevant documents and e-sign them. Your onboarding team can create, update and customize onboarding documents, from a single location. A convenient document library makes document management easy and effective.

Onboarding teams can manage multiple onboarding requirements with CEIPAL’s support for unlimited onboarding checklists.

These features make onboarding convenient and meaningful for candidates, which makes way for a positive candidate experience.

No Complex and Boring Reports

CEIPAL offers customized reports with data that can be easily understood. Get real-time data on your KPIs on dashboards that are highly interactive. CEIPAL frees you from complex data interpretations with its effortlessly understandable graph data.

Reports are highly customizable. You can generate reports according to your company schedules, such as quarterly or monthly. You can also generate reports customizable to your job role. 

CEIPAL Pricing

CEIPAL has a transparent pricing structure that starts at a monthly $24 per user. There is also a combination package that includes ATS and workforce management capabilities. CEIPAL pricing excludes cost for add-ons. There is a free trial available. 

Disadvantages of CEIPAL

CEIPAL can easily compete with other recruitment software in its league, thanks to its in-depth process-aligned features. But the software can be great with a little improvement.

User Experience Features

Some minor technical glitches disturb a smooth user experience. For example, access to candidate profiles and other information slows down sometimes. BI reports can be great with more customization. An increase in Mail Merge limit can be a potential time-saver.  

Performance Issues

The loading time of the platform can be greatly improved. The Resume Merge function needs improvement as duplicate resumes exist and are not automatically merged. The platform goes down when there are bulk resumes or when multiple teams are working simultaneously. Loading after a page refresh is time-taking.

Is CEIPAL Right for You?

CEIPAL is a time- and cost-saving recruitment solution that also improves your quality of hire. Despite minor glitches CEIPAL can be a great addition to your recruiting process. You may want to consider CEIPAL if you are a fast-growing startup focused on adding teams.

CEIPAL can also be valuable for businesses looking to streamline their hiring and talent acquisition. Large companies and enterprises with integral processes and independent teams for hiring and talent acquisition can benefit from CEIPAL.

If you are interested in exploring a CEIPAL alternative, then you may want to try X0PA. You can easily book a demo and try the end-to-end recruitment solution. Other CEIPAL competitors you might want to consider include Bullhorn and JobDiva.  

Advantages of Bullhorn

Bullhorn offers a cloud-based solution to manage your entire recruitment process, from sourcing through onboarding.

Post placements, there is the task of billing for staffing agencies. Organizations using staffing vendors find payments a data-intense task. Minimizing the operational and data stress for both recruiters and organizations, Bullhorn brings the entire operation to a single dashboard.  

Bullhorn also offers a staffing-centric CRM to help recruiters manage candidate engagement.

Here is a bullhorn recruiting software review with insights into bullhorn pricing, features and more.

Bullhorn Features at A Glance (Features vary according to Bullhorn pricing package):

  • Customizable Applicant Tracking
  • Resume Parsing
  • SMS Texting available as an add-on
  • Career Portal
  • Automated Workflows
  • Automated Onboarding
  • CCPA and GDPR compliance
  • ML Candidate Matching
  • Mobile CRM
  • Pulse Technology to Monitor Candidate Information
  • Bullhorn Messaging for faster candidate reach
  • API Access
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • NPS Survey Tool
  • LinkedIn Integration
  • Advanced Reporting, including ad hoc reporting tools
  • Visualization Elements

Applicant Tracking

Bullhorn empowers you with resources to create a customizable workflow around application tracking. The tracking pathway, from advertising the job to assigning the job to the candidate, becomes highly streamlined. This leads to greater transparency and better experiences for all stakeholders.

Reduce Manual Tasks

Automate all key areas of recruitment. Bullhorn offers customizable workflows, which means you can define the flow of recruiting activities according to team and organizational goals. Automated workflows also translate into reduced manual intervention and greater focus on improving the hiring pipeline.

Automated and Personalized Communication

Bullhorn offers email, SMS and chatbot capabilities to enable seamless communications with candidates across multiple channels. This multi-channel communication ability enables you to reach candidates with accurate and timely information.

Candidates get a positive experience while recruiters are able to maintain consistent candidate engagement.

Bring Complete Candidate/ Partner Information to One Location

Whether you are hiring candidates for your business or for your clients, you can view entire candidate/ client/ contractor information. You can extract all key information to a single location for easy view, sound analyses and informed decision-making.

Bring data across the recruiting cycle to your dashboard and get comprehensive information about your candidates and partners.

ML-Based Candidate Matching

Bullhorn ATS delivers a relevant talent pool based on Machine Learning (ML) match. This ML-based technology screens resumes based on your job opening requirements. The results are delivered directly into your ATS dashboard. You can channel the results to outbound communications or send them as input to an automated process.

Highly targeted data from ML-based matching and convenient data delivery make it easier to get more value from processes. It is also easier to build relevant talent pools within the comfort of your own ATS.

Free your Team from Compliance Stress

Legal compliance requirements such as CCPA and GDPR are time and task-intensive. With Bullhorn automation, you can free your team from this comprehensive compliance stress.

From obtaining initial data-gathering consent from users to maintaining consent at every stage, manage compliance for every candidate with ease. More importantly, consent is obtained at the right time to ensure legal compliance for data protection.

Integrate Email with ATS

Integrate your Gmail or Outlook with Bullhorn. Scan incoming resumes, create notes and tasks, all from your Bullhorn dashboard.    

Staffing-Exclusive Mobile CRM

Bullhorn’s staffing-centric CRM unifies recruiting and sales operations to give insights into your clients’ evolving business needs. Build timely strategies and partnerships to add more value to your clients.

Get Better Candidate Insights

Bullhorn comes with Pulse technology, which monitors candidate emails, interactions and communications. Pulse uses the information to update your candidate records with relevant insights.

You are never out-of-date with your candidate data with Pulse updates. You can build your talent pool, send relevant job alerts, channel timely communications, and do more with Pulse.

Engage Candidates Better

Bullhorn’s Messaging and mass mailing feature enable you to reach top talents faster with targeted engagement.

Bullhorn Pricing

Bullhorn pricing structure is tiered, available in 4 segments – Team, Corporate, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus. You can request a quote and get accurate pricing details.

Disadvantages of Bullhorn

Bullhorn offers a rich stack of features for managing recruitment. But a few tweaks can enhance the platform’s user experience.

More Manual Candidate Profile Management

Users have to create a candidate profile manually. An automated upload into/ from integrated emails would be a valuable addition. More candidate data capture, apart from contact details, would be useful.

Technical and Performance Issues

The platform takes time to load and even crashes sometimes. Search functions can be improved. More integrations can be supported. A simpler way to undo scheduling mistakes is needed. An efficient feature for duplicate entry merging can be added.

Average Customer Support

Bullhorn offers positive initial training. But a more responsive customer support would be appreciated.

Is Bullhorn Right for You?

Bullhorn is backed by 20+ years of partnering experience, which transforms into a strong partner-backed solution. Whether you are a startup, recruiting agency, or a large enterprise, you will benefit from Bullhorn’s marketplace and association partners.

X0PA is solution that might interest you if you are exploring a Bullhorn alternative. From sourcing through onboarding and post-hiring candidate engagement, X0PA automates key workflows and simplifies recruitment.

There are other bullhorn competitors your business could benefit from, such as Breezy, BambooHR and CEIPAL.

Why X0PA is the Best Recruitment Software for your Organization?

As an end-to-end recruitment software with “High-Performer,” “Best Support” and “Easiest to do Business With” tags, X0PA AI surpasses its competitors effortlessly. X0PA can reduce your cost-to-hire by 50% and reduce your time-to-hire by 87%. It has extensive features that guarantee enhanced candidate experience at every stage of hiring and beyond.

In what ways does X0PA AI perform better than other recruitment software in the market?

Highly Customized to Specific Business Needs

Hiring differs across industries and so do the challenges. A large enterprise may benefit from aggressive hiring leveraging different hiring platforms. A small business may want to leverage campus hiring. Staffing agencies juggle different sub-processes within hiring along with client, vacancy and commission fee management. 

Regardless of the type of hiring you may adopt, X0PA AI empowers you with the resources essential for successful hiring. 

X0PA is designed to cater to individual needs of each business. There are customized editions for Enterprise businesses, staffing agencies, RPOs, public sector companies, small and medium businesses, startups, and universities.

Delivers Maximum Objectivity

X0PA AI reduces bias by up to 80%.

X0PA AI elevates screening by basing the process only upon skills and not personal attributes. This makes recruitment highly objective, from shortlisting to interviewing, selecting, hiring and onboarding, and further candidate-engaging.

  • There is Masked Hiring to prevent any unconscious bias based on Personal Identifiable Information during screening
  • Model Bias Analysis ensures that the tool identifies and acts against different biases.
  • Regular Model Review and Retraining ensures that the tool evolves to recognize and prevent emerging biases.

Powered by Advanced and Patented AI and ML Algorithms

X0PA AI employs continuously-evolving algorithmic patterns to screen candidates based on their skillsets and preferences. The platform leverages the state-of-the-art concepts of AI, ML and NLP to achieve the best candidate-job fit.

Candidates are also assessed on complex parameters such as their performance and attrition likelihood. A predictive analysis model evaluates how likely a candidate is, to stay on the job for the next 12 months. The model also predicts the rate of performance a candidate is likely to show on the job.   

Reliable and Smarter Automation across Recruitment Lifecycle

X0PA Recruiter infuses automation into recruitment at opportune moments, which makes the process smarter and the results, reliable. Automation is enabled through RPA or Robotic Process Automation, which removes manual intervention and tedious task management challenges.

Make hiring faster and more efficient with:

  • Interview workflow automation
  • Automated interview scheduler
  • Automated candidate emails
  • Automated candidate references
  • Automated candidate offer management via Docusign

X0PA Room for Reality-Simulating Virtual Interviews 

X0PA Room is an on-demand video platform that redefines virtual interviewing for employers and candidates.

Some of the best features of X0PA Room include

  • Self-scheduling capability
  • Multiple platform integrations, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • Facility for defining preparation time for every question
  • Video assessment retake option
  • Provision to include videos for candidate brand engagement
  • Create, manage and scale virtual career fairs
  • Build hybrid assessments
  • Evaluate candidate technical skills with X0PA soft skill assessment 
  • Assess soft skills such as social attitudes and communication that are hard to gauge even during in-person interviews
  • Detect cheating with AI-based cheating prevention features 
  • Easy and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams with the following benefits:
  • Use ROOM within Teams
  • Leverage chatbot on Teams to manage assessments
  • Use essay or video assessments

X0PA goes far beyond the standard ATS. X0PA is also far advanced and stabler than its peers. With its high intelligence, rapid loading times and automated processes, X0PA offers a solution that can single-handedly transform your existing recruitment process.


Recruitment technology can help eliminate the manual drawbacks of inaccuracy, limited candidate reach, slow process and candidate disengagement. Reliable technology can be expensive and hard to discover, but the investment is worth the efforts in the long run.

Author Bio

A recruiter by profession, Sydney Foster has experience in all aspects of recruitment, from sourcing to onboarding. As a progressive recruiter, Foster understands the benefits of integrating technology with recruitment. She has experienced the benefits of reduced time-to-hire and quality hiring firsthand with good technology.

Foster loves exploring different types of technology products. She reviews different software constantly. Her sharp and easy-to-understand analyses have earned her many followers.

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