X0PA AI uses patented algorithms to find the best candidates bias-free, while reducing cost and time.

AI Recruiter

Build a team that matches your culture

X0PA are with you at every step. Our primary product, the AI Recruiter, is an award-winning end-to-end solution using patented AI algorithms which saves you time and money, by presenting you with not only candidates that have the experience and knowledge, but the values, mindsets and passion to best represent your company.

Why X0PA’s AI Recruiter?

Save time by automating the most monotonous parts of your job. 

Coordinate interviews hassle-free with our automatic scheduler. No more back-and-forth emails or missed phone calls. Our system aligns with your calendar to schedule interviews at convenient times.

Keep candidates informed and engaged with automated email updates. From application receipt confirmation to interview invites, our system ensures your candidates are always in the loop.

Our system automates the process of reaching out to referees, collecting feedback, and organizing it in an easily accessible format. Make the final step seamless with integrated DocuSign. Send out offer letters, get them signed, and complete the hiring process without leaving the platform.

Remove bias – Humans are inherently biased, with a massive 48% of HR professionals admitting that bias affects their candidate choice. 

Sensitive attributes (e.g. gender and ethnicity) are excluded from model development. Additionally, models are tested using propensity score matching and disparate impact analysis to ensure no model bias. 

Attributes used for scoring combine typical metrics like job title, job function, industry, skills, experience, education, and location but also soft skills like leadership, customer service and problem solving with 22 pre-built assessments ready-to-use within the platform.

Make better hiring decisions and see higher retention rates. 

Recruiters no longer need to review hundreds of applicants to find the strongest candidates, simply filter based on quality. Use our AI to create job descriptions, send them to selected job boards then see all candidates in one place.

Benchmark scoring with a stability index is built on a supervised machine learning model to predict the likelihood of the candidate staying with the company for more than 12 months. In addition to this, the performance predictor predicts the likelihood of a candidate having faster progression compared to similar peers. 

Continuous learning and regular review of the models ensure that the model improves as data accumulates with use.

Predictive Analytics
Intuitive dashboards, powered by Microsoft Power BI, provide a clear and comprehensive visualization of your recruitment activity. Get a granular understanding of the complete process and see a full picture of your hiring pipeline with detailed candidate progress and predictions on how well potential hires align with your company culture.
Prescreening using Gen-AI enabled Chatbot

X0PA provides an elaborative pre-screening feature where firms can ask as many as 6 different types of pre-screen questions to filter out the best candidates. Enabled with Gen-AI, these pre-screening questions are asked to candidates via a chatbot, making a highly engaged and interactive experience for the candidates.

Integration with MS Office and Zoom

For a seamless interview process, X0PA is able to integrate directly with MS Teams, Zoom, and other popular platforms, allowing recruiters to continue working from one location, automatically scheduling interviews for the shortlisted candidates without the effort of individually coordinating and scheduling interviews.

Bulk Outreach

Reaching out to active and cold candidates in bulk is now a simple automated feature at X0PA, using our sequence feature. This feature allows recruiters to reach out to a high volume of candidates via a systematic multi-step email outreach, that automatically advertises your open jobs at set intervals to the chosen talent pool.

See how some of our clients
have used AI Recruiter below:

In 2020, Electronics giant Panasonic were undertaking a large recruitment drive for over 100 roles and wanted to reduce the time required to post the roles, shortlist candidates and schedule interviews. They also wanted to be able to review all of the candidates in one place. They turned to us for our AI Recruiter SaaS platform where almost seven thousand candidates were effectively and efficiently pre-screened, scored and interviewed so that Panasonic could easily identify and hire the best possible candidates for the roles.

The impact was over 40% reduction in the time to shortlist and the candidates praised the ease of submitting their applications.

Traydstream, a fast growing fintech company based in the United Kingdom, were looking for a long-term recruitment partner to revolutionise their central hiring and talent acquisition platform, leveraging X0PA’s cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency, streamline ongoing processes, attract top talent and most importantly, remove bias from hiring selections.

Their lead for people and culture, Asad Allibhoy said the following:

“We are thrilled to partner with X0PA AI to enhance our hiring and talent acquisition capabilities. Our business is expanding at an unprecedented pace, and in order to keep up, we realized the urgent need to standardize, digitize, and automate our recruitment process. That’s why we chose X0PA AI’s cutting-edge technology. The importance of sourcing and attracting the brightest and the best cannot be overstated for our business. Navigating growth challenges while staying ahead of the curve is largely determined by ensuring we hire the right people at the right time to help us solve complex technical problems. X0PA AI’s cutting-edge technology will enable us to optimize our recruitment processes, ensuring that we identify and secure the best candidates to drive our growth and success.”

If you are curious about a specific application of our software or geographic region, get in touch! From Capitaland saving $120k in their first year of using our software to Workforce Singapore white-labelling our platform for the hiring of over 100,000 jobs – We have dozens of stories of impact and we are more than happy to share them.

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