AI for Academia

We know first-hand that educational institutions often struggle with how to efficiently select which students to enrol. Selecting students for admissions, scholarships and internships is not only important to you, but it is key to their future too. With tens of thousands of students to screen and match, it can be an overwhelming task to ensure that not just the skills of the students are taken into consideration but also their preferences. These can often be thousands of combinations and permutations.

X0PA AI uses patented algorithms for universities and colleges to reduce your costs and time required.

X0PA’s AI for Academia is an end-to-end platform that addresses all these selection, matching and allocation scenarios. A bespoke system, it is built and customised to you to work alongside your workflows and processes. Our data driven algorithms score the students on their compatibility and capability. The intelligence is combined with automation to save time and resources while achieving optimum matches.

You can enhance your assessments further with our X0PA Room product, a virtual AI-enabled on-demand hybrid assessment centre. You can also screen students using our cognitive video question and answer platform, multiple choice questions or essay questions. Obtain holistic screening results through our psychometric and personality assessments and select the perfect students.

See how Civil Service College (CSC) Singapore
used our AI for Academia product:

The President’s Scholarship is widely regarded as Singapore’s most prestigious undergraduate scholarship. CSC needed to reduce any objectivity in the selection process, and with over 1,000 applicants, needed a system to decrease the time required to shortlist the candidates. We designed a management system for CSC which pre-screened candidates before selecting, ranking and interviewing to discover which candidates distinguished themselves beyond excellence in academic pursuits and co-curricular activities.

Our system reduced the time required by CSC in half, with even greater time reductions in future years as the AI-powered system learned and adapted. Candidates were selected with zero-bias, a first in Singapore, something that we have since replicated over 4 different continents.

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