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Educational Institutes often struggle with how to efficiently and effectively select students. The process is compounded by the administration of managing a large volume of student applicants and multiple stakeholders.


AI for Academia

We use AI and Machine Learning to score and rank talent. Using a 2-way proprietary matching algorithm, X0PA takes into consideration the students’ preferences and skills to identify the best-fit student for each internship or graduate role based on X0PA’s patented algorithms.

Applicable to Scholarship and
Admissions Hiring

Through X0PA's algorithms, we enhance the optimal allocation of students to jobs while enhancing placement rates for institutes and hiring better-fit students to employer jobs.

The smart in-built automation removes the need for manual actions as the automation matches students seamlessly, enhancing the efficiency of the hiring process.

The platform seamlessly manages multiple stakeholders i.e. organizations and students to ensure the optimization of talent.


Enhanced Workflow Automation and Management via Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The AI for Academia utilises RPA in its processes to enhance its workflow automation such that each stage in the interview process flows seamlessly and automatically from one stage to another, and no human intervention is needed.

Automation is enabled throughout the platform through various processes including :

Onboarding and Managing Multiple Stakeholders

Educational institutes helping to place their students in internship or graduate opportunities would be able to seamlessly onboard their students and various employers looking for interns or graduates.

Job Matching and Recommendation

With the AI for Academia platform, educational institutes are automatically recommended a list of students who are best suited for the respective internship or graduate jobs advertised by employers registered on the platform based on their capability and compatibility scores.

Skill gaps identification and upskilling

Once a student uploads their CV and profile on the student platform, the AI parses the CV and identifies the skills possessed by the student. It is also able to map out the skills needed for the student based on their job preferences and identify these skill gaps.

Real-time Analytics and Insights

Through understanding the preferences and interests of each student and the industry requirements of the various employers, the AI for Academia platform is able to generate actionable insights to optimally allocate students to jobs.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The AI for Academia platform tweaks the algorithms to cater to students who would not have substantial work experience. 

Capability: Looks at the skills, courses, certifications and other relevant skillsets of the students and scores that against the skills required for the job that they are applying for

Compatibility: Looks at the interests and preferences of the students and scores that against the expectations of the job that they are applying for

No, there is no limit. However, the pricing plan will go upwards as the number of stakeholders increases. Get in touch with us for more details on pricing.

No. The AI for Academia solution is focused on hiring for internships, graduate roles, scholarship selections and the like. It can also be deployed by companies looking to hire a substantial number of students, be it for their graduate or management associate programs. 

In this scenario, the company can onboard the various educational institutes where they wish to select students from, onboarding the students from the respective schools accordingly.

Yes, students can be hired across regions for global internship programs and the like. This is further supported by the multi-lingual capabilities of the platform. X0PA is currently supported in 72 languages.

Yes, the analytics dashboard is highly customizable. This can include looking at student attrition rates as well as course matching and recommendations. Get in touch with us if you have an additional customization specifications.

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