Looking to improve hiring efficiency? X0PA AI are a team with decades of expert level experience, with a mission to remove bias in hiring.

About Us

Our Story

X0PA AI was founded in 2017 by Nina Alag Suri and Co-Founder Dr Jussi Keppo.

Previously, Nina was the Founder and CEO of a global executive search firm, Nastrac Group and it was through this venture that she realized the inefficiencies and subjectivity of traditional hiring processes and thus decided to disrupt her own business and pivot to an AI and ML SaaS-based platform with X0PA AI.

X0PA is headquartered in Singapore and has offices across APAC, India, UK, UAE and partners across the globe.

Maximize objectivity in hiring so that organizations can make accurate hiring decisions and candidates feel assured about the results.
A world where hiring is seen as a science ensuring workplace happiness through objectivity, and best match between an employee and employer.
Nina has instilled a values-led culture amongst the X0PA team with the following 5 core values:
Respect, honesty, collaboration, ownership, humility.

Our Core Team

Founder and CEO - Nina Alag Suri
Nina is a trailblazer in HR technology. An entrepreneur with an engineering background, Nina started her journey in her mid-20s leaving a secure tech job and turning her first company, Nastrac Group, from a small business into a $20 million global HR consulting firm. Using her engineering skills, Nina wanted to make human processes more objective by combining human elements with data and AI.
Co-Founding Advisor -
Dr Jussi Keppo
Jussi is the co-founder of X0PA AI and is also a professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He teaches risk management and analytics courses and directs analytics executive education programs at NUS. He is also the Research Director of the Institute of Operations Research and Analytics at NUS.
Co-Founding Advisor -
Dr Satnam Alag
Dr Satnam Alag is the Founding Advisor at X0PA AI and has more than 15 years of experience as Vice President of software engineering of various companies such as Illumina, Upgrademe and NextBio. Based in Santa Clara, California, Satnam is passionate about product development and approaches problems with a positive attitude.
Sri Harsha Allamraju
As CTO, Sri Harsha brings multiple decades of distinguished experience from Silicon Valley's tech sector. He enjoys maintaining order amidst chaos and has a proven track record in cross-functional team collaboration, scalable software product development, and corporate strategy. Sri Harsha is dedicated to translating X0PA's ground-breaking vision into a tangible and successful reality.
Regional Head for APAC – Prashanth Sundaram
Prashanth (Prash) takes care of Customer Success at X0PA AI. Prash is passionate about solving customer challenges and showcasing various ways of how they can derive value from the platform. Outside of work, his three favourite hobbies are basketball, paintball, and playing the violin which he has been learning for the past 7 years.
Marketing Director –
Ian LeBruce
Ian brings a decade of experience in senior marketing roles, having empowered over 100 companies to enhance their brand presence and drive customer growth. Ian spends his weekends engrossed in Formula 1, Football and the NFL, as well as finding time to play the latest games, a world that he knows well having worked on both Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V.
Global Sales Director for RPO – Revanth Pula
Revanth brings a decade of expertise in sales and marketing across the realms of HR Tech, banking, and education. Revanth is a firm believer that sales extend beyond mere numbers, emphasizing the importance of trust and building enduring relationships. Armed with an MBA degree in Sales & Marketing, he leverages his skills to drive success in the dynamic field of Recruitment Process Outsourcing.
Sales Director for APAC – Navnath Kamble
Navnath is a seasoned sales leader with 15+ years of consultative solution selling experience, helping C-level executives and decision makers at large enterprises find solutions for their most pressing challenges and achieve their strategic objectives. Navnath graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune and Masters in Business Administration from IIT Kharagpur.
Finance and Operations Director – June Teo
June is X0PA’s finance and operations director. June manages to keep X0PA running smoothly, a tough task with a staff spread across 4 continents. June has extensive experience, mainly in the start-up world with 20 years of experience in Finance, Human Resources and Operations working with a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses.
Senior Data Scientist – Yu Zhe
As a Senior Data Scientist and Data Protection Officer at X0PA AI, Yu Zhe brings expertise in AI model development, pipeline management, and cloud deployment. Passionate about leveraging advanced analytics and new technology to drive efficiency and optimize processes, Yu Zhe thrives in building environments with standardized data and AI model-handling processes.
Senior Data Scientist – Ural Malik
Ural brings a dynamic blend of expertise and problem-solving agility to X0PA. He has worn multiple hats, independently leading projects for clients from both industry and academia. Outside of work, Ural is passionate about sports. He stays active and engaged by cycling through the city, tackling indoor bouldering challenges, hiking scenic trails, practicing yoga, and playing football.
Partnerships Manager – Matthew Wu
Partnerships Manager at X0PA, Matt is a highly motivated Information Technology professional with a passion for AI and Customer Success. With 18 years of experience, he has a proven track record of helping growing companies to expand into new territories. Matt's expertise includes solution architecting and digital transformation and in his spare time, Matt is a fantastic cook!

Advisors on AI and Data Science

We are also working with two highly experienced academics in the worlds of AI and Data Science.

Dr Hong Ming Tan – Senior Lecturer, Dept of Analytics and Operations at NUS
Dr Tan is a Senior lecturer in the Department of Analytics and Operations at NUS. In his current role, Hong Ming is responsible for teaching and coordinating modules in the Undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, and Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) programs. Apart from teaching, Tan Hong Ming is also involved in industrial research projects such as Optimising Maritime Network Line Design using Reinforcement Learning where he is PI, and the AI-led Smart Data Centre Management Application where he is co-PI.​He serves as the Deputy Head of Department, Chair of the Department Finance Committee and a member of the Department Teaching Committee.
Dr Satyanath (Satya) Bhat – Assistant Professor in Mathematics and Computer Sciences at IIT Goa
Satya is an esteemed Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Goa, a position he has held since August 2020. Before his tenure at IIT Goa, Satya was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the National University of Singapore from August 2017 to July 2020. His academic journey is anchored in his extensive research experience at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), where he was a Research Associate and a dedicated student for nearly seven years, culminating in a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a Master of Science (MS) degree.
We are supported by a team of fantastic investors spread across the globe.

The X0PA Centre of Excellence is open for business!


The centre will focus on developing and delivering innovative technology solutions to X0PA clients across various industries. The centre will serve as a hub for research and development, innovation, and collaboration, and will leverage X0PA’s partnerships with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, OpenAI and SAP, as well as its strong network of public sector organisations, academic institutions, and industry associations.

Careers at X0PA

At X0PA, we are always on the lookout for talented and ambitious people to join our growing team.

We create new roles regularly across the areas of Business Development, Customer Success, Project Management, Software Development and Data Analytics. If nothing on the link below fits your requirements, send us a message at info@x0pa.com with a CV and message, including the word careers in the subject line.
For a full up-to-date list of our current vacancies, visit our careers page here