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Enterprise Recruiting

AI-driven objective hiring platform for enterprises

Grad Hiring for Companies

Helping grads find the jobs they will thrive in for the companies that need them


Equal opportunity grad hiring through AI and machine learning

X0PA AI Predictive Analytics


Our objective AI-driven hiring finds the best candidates fit candidates to ensure retention and performance with its patented Loyalty and Performance predictive scoring.


X0PA’s AI platform helps ensure grads are matched to jobs they are most suitable for with its unique  Capability and Compatibility predictive scoring.


Our hiring platform works at government and public sector levels to offer objective selection capabilities to its organisations or education institutes.

Job Seekers

Our platform helps job seekers find the jobs they are best qualified  as well as most suited for to ensure optimum results for jobseekers and employers.


X0PA Ai ensures university grads get equal hiring opportunities and are matched to jobs they are best suited for beyond just GPAs and grades.

X0PA Grad Hiring Platform

We Automate and Make Things


Automated Scheduling

Enhanced Workflow Management

With Process Automation

Multilingual Capability

In-Depth & Actionable Analytics

Including video analytics

GDPR Compliant

Capablity & Compatibility Score

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