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Garima Singh
Garima SinghSenior Partner Development Manager, Microsoft
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No other provider can bring together the ability for ISV to enable new and compelling scenarios that are possible other than Microsoft with the power of Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. X0PA is a pioneer in this regard, having integrated its solution with all three Microsoft clouds and going to markets together.

I have been personally associated with the company from the early days and it is fascinating to see them grow as a team from strength to strength, winning several accolades.
Harshvendra Soin
Harshvendra SoinChief People Officer, Tech Mahindra
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X0PA fit in very well as a solution for us because it gave us the ability to select the right candidate in terms of fitment into the culture, longevity and the ability to succeed.

X0PA for our recruitment team brought a method to the madness, with the predictive tool which runs on AI to look at the right candidates, to sift through CVs and hire the brightest candidates that would be doing well for us in our culture.
Republic Polytechnic
Republic Polytechnic
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With its proprietary AI-Powered two-way matching algorithm, X0PA has played an important role in facilitating and automating the matching and placement process for internships. X0PA’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is able to include the interests and preferences of students, ensuring that students find the best suited internships while employers get the best-fit talents for their internships.

X0PA’s platform digitizes each step of the hiring process from job postings, video interviewing, video scheduling, email automation, right up to the stage of digital management of internships making the process efficient and seamless for both the student candidates and employers, as well as for Republic Polytechnic in managing the placement process.
Rajesh Nair
Rajesh NairCEO of Yuvo Pte Ltd
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With digitalization being the way forward and employees no longer needing to be confined to an office or even a country, a platform like X0PA becomes a “must have” for every organization looking to hire top talent. You no longer need to rely on sheer human effort to identify or go through literally hundreds of potential candidates before making that important hire. X0PA is the future of recruitment!
Dr Ian McDonald
Dr Ian McDonaldWorldwide Lead - Tech Engagement Team, Microsoft for Startups
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Microsoft is excited to see that X0PA has built an AI for recruitment that ensures the best candidate is selected for the job, and it removes unconscious bias from the process. Their proven technology takes a wide range of factors into it’s model which mean that employees are also matched well to the job ensuring happier, better performing employees and longer retention. Having a diverse workforce has been proven to improve company financials and X0PA helps companies to achieve this.
Joseph Devasia
Joseph DevasiaManaging Director, Antal International Network, India
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We had to move away from our previous CRM as it was bulky, slow loading, low on intelligence gathering and quite manual. X0PA overcame all these and we now have a solution that is working for us behind the scenes while the team is busy on their desks. It’s intelligent integrations, browser extensions and dashboards have made life a breeze for my team. We look forward to a long term, commercially successful partnership.

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